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Electric Delivery Vehicle For The Last Mile

South Africa’s First Electric Delivery Vehicle


If you’re not offering same-day delivery, you’re yesterday’s news. MellowVans keeps things clean and current with electric mobility for last-mile delivery. We offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to capacity constraints, delivery costs, and breakdown risks commonly associated with your traditional e-commerce delivery motorbikes.

An Electric Vehicle With Power to Rule the City


Each vehicle runs at less than a dollar per day.


Over 100 km range per charge, with extender options.


2.4 cubic meters of cargo space.


Developed with feedback from some of the world’s leading e-commerce and delivery companies.


Full I.O.T. functionality.


Active cooling available.


Focused, location-specific advertising.

No Capacity Constraints

MellowVans deliver anything in your e-commerce store without capacity constraints. With 10 times the delivery capacity (2500 litres) of a traditional motorbike (250 litres), you can batch multiple orders in the same delivery run. You can also stack multiple orders from different platforms, along with optimised route planning.

Design To Brag About

Our philosophy is centered around a powerful, organic design that reinvents urban last-mile delivery.

MellowVans were developed and tested with some of the world’s leading e-commerce, logistics and supply chain companies.

Completely Customisable

Thanks to modularity, several battery packs can be operated in parallel, giving you more range for when you need it.

We offer bespoke client specific offerings, like active cooling and cold chain solutions, through to security features.

Loaded With Power

On-board, actively cooled chargers provide simple charging when connected to the common 230V domestic power sockets.

The specially developed lithium battery offers high energy density and safety, while the 48 V motor supplies maximum thrust.

Advertise with Us

MellowVans are an innovative and environmentally-friendly advertising medium.

Our electric delivery vehicles offer you location-specific, mobile billboards exactly where you want them, and better yet, you could get a cut of the advertising revenue generated.

Reach Areas Without The Footprint

Logistics and supply chain managers, e-commerce distributors, and value chain investors, meet your match!
Watch our demo video below showcasing how MellowVans are the answers to your last-mile delivery requirements.

Our Clients

Plug into the world of lower insurance premiums, regenerative braking, IoT, and class-leading cargo bin size.

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